Pet Kennel
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We Care Like You Care

Our passion for your pet comes from being pet owners. We understand the importance of giving your pet the same love and care as you. Look at us as an extension of yourself. We do what you want with your pet: cuddles in bed? Sure! You don't want it on the couch, we'll stay true to your workout! Rest assured that you set the standard and we follow it; however, the only thing your pet will ALWAYS receive is LOTS of love and attention.

Some may think it's outrageous, but to us pet owners, it just makes sense. We are an animal-loving family. We have a large green space for your best friend to have fun, run, play, and also rest. The time you spend outdoors depends on the breed, age, and health of your pet, always following all your requirements.

We do not use cages, one of the objectives is for them to feel comfortable at home so that their stay is pleasant, fun and they will like to come back in case you have to ask us again.

Each pet receives personalized attention. They can bring their own little beds if they wish to give them an element already known to them.
Our environment is smoke-free, a daily deep cleaning is carried out to keep the place disinfected and sanitized.

At the time of eating, the specific amount will be provided according to your instructions to maintain their same eating routine.

In case your pet needs to be treated with any medication, we can do it for you. We will meet before you leave your friend to talk about the details and specifications of the treatment that you are doing, to continue it as long as he is not with you. It has no extra cost.

We offer the service of picking up your pet at your home, if you cannot bring it, we will look for it. If you have 2 or more dogs, we can make a special price.

The stay can be per day, per week or to be agreed upon.

We want to tell you that we have our own accessories store for your pet located in North Miami, PIMP MY DOG, DOG BOUTIQUE, very close to the daycare, where you will find everything from toys, clothes, beds, bags, to shampoos, perfumes, brushes, belts and much more. You can come to see us, or you can also follow us on our Instagram and Facebook page PIMP MY DOG STORE, and ask us any questions you have.


We also perform HOME GROOMING in our vans perfectly equipped to perform the bath and/or cut corresponding to your furry friend at the door of your house. Follow us on our social networks to see our work: PIMP MY DOG MIAMI and request your turn.