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Dog Grooming
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Be sure your Groomer uses only natural products

We use natural products that do not harm your pet or the environment. As well as we also have treatments with hypoallergenic shampoos. We have a wide variety of products that help us to have the right one for your pet's fur and skin.
We cut nails with scissors or electric file, depending on the type of nail.

Anal glands are located on either side of the anus and are about the size of a marble. The main function of the anal glands is to store a lubricating substance that they use at the time of emptying or defecating for better deposition. The appearance of the liquid is usually yellowish or even brownish, if you have found traces in your pet's bed or on the ground, it probably suffers from an excess of accumulated liquid. This is why we make the glands every time we bathe it.

As well as we take care of cleaning your ears. We put cotton before bathing them so that water does not enter them and it does not cause future infections.

Regular brushing is done on the teeth. Deep cleaning with a machine is optional (additional cost).

Our little friends are like us, sometimes they suffer from allergies and they can't use just any shampoo. That is why we will ask you all the necessary questions before starting the grooming. As we well know, many of our 4-legged friends suffer from stress, so if that happens, we can dry them by hand with the help of the dryer at minimum speed.

There are coats that require special brushing, due to having an abundant or double coat, we gladly take the time to do it for a better result.

Its legs are completely clear, for greater hygiene.

In all shifts, we carry out the sanitary cut that consists of clearing their intimate parts so that when they relieve themselves they do not get dirty.

Each breed receives its special cut and finish.

We Offer:


  • Full Grooming - Bath & Cut service

  • Bath service.

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